14 July 2010

Hush Money

Kids Prefer Cheese | Mungowitz | Tickle Me, Congressmen

Your Congress at work....
The wrinkly old men that we elect to Congress are so horny and gross that the American taxpayer shells out on average $1 million a year in settlements to sexually harassed Hill staffers, according to the Office of Compliance. The level of perviness fluctuates from year to year — in 2007, 25 staffers were paid a total of $4 million.
Wouldn't such settlements possibly be of interest to voters, the media, and opponents of the crotch-grabbing perv-boys? It sure would! And that is why Congress passed a law saying that no one can obtain this information!

1 comment:

  1. Can't say I'm at all surprised, but c'mon, one cold million?! 1,000,000/365,000,000 seems high to me. I would...basically...prefer to pay for ANYTHING else.