10 June 2010

Strasburger; Criticism

DCist | Sommer Mathis | Taking a Bite Out of the Strasburger

There is no shortage of Stephen Strasburg-themed menu items at D.C. area restaurants today. The most ridiculous is the "Strasburger" currently on offer from BGR The Burger Joint. It's a burger served with "Syracuse Orange" Vermont cheddar cheese, topped with a sliced hot dog (to symbolize Strassy's professional debut with the Phoenix Desert Dogs), plus 14 (yes, 14!) pickles on top of that, in honor of last night's 14 K's. [...]

The burger patty itself was juicy and cooked to a nice medium pink, but between the insane number of pickles and the hot dog, I could barely taste the beef. The Strasburger also suffers from structural integrity issues thanks to that tall stack of toppings.
That's the sort of sandwich criticism I want to see more of.

I like some pickles, but sandwich integrity is key.  Do you see the size of those slices?  It's sandwich suicide.

Pickle side-note: the default sandwich and burger toppings in St Lucia appear to have been pickles and mustard.  Odd.

BGR makes some pretty decent burgers.  If I'm treating myself to a burger out I'm still going with Five Guys, but BGR is a good option.

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Speaking of criticism, have you seen Couch Cushion Architecture; A Critical Analysis?

At first glance the composition appears unintentional and the construction shoddy. But further investigation reveals a clear delineation between indoor/outdoor space with a design focus on protection through the use of barrier. Planes are shifted off the orthogonal to accommodate function; as a side effect it relieves inhabitants from a harsh Euclidian geometry. Grade B

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