23 June 2010

Sports pushing the limits of technology.

Kempt | R.B. | The Internet Wins Again

On the off-chance you’re feeling contemplative after the U.S.’s mind-blowing stoppage time goal, here’s an extra tidbit to consider. During the close of the game, news sites were clocking 11.2 million visitors per minute, making it the second-highest traffic spike the internet’s ever seen.
Wow. Weird stat.

That was an intensely exciting game. If you weren't watching live this is what you missed after the end of regulation:

(Video via World's Best Ever.)

Quite a day for sports, considering what happened is still happening at Wimbeldon, with a match lasting ten hours already and still not over, after being called for darkness two days in a row. The fifth set is now tied up at 59-59.
Even a courtside electronic scoreboard couldn't keep up, getting stuck at 47-47 when the score had really risen to 48-48 and then eventually going dark entirely.

Yet the pair played on. All the numbers were truly astounding: They played 881 points, 612 in the fifth set. Isner hit 98 aces, Mahut 95 -- both eclipsing the previous high for a match at any tournament, 78.

And this cannot be emphasized enough: They are not finished. No one won. The match will continue, stretching into a third day.

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