30 June 2010

Momentum: It's not just a good idea, it's...

... aww screw it.  Y'all know how this one goes.
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Certain factors tied to running yellow lights

There are factors involved?

And, actually, I intended to just mock the headline, but I’m going to mock the underlying study as well.
The researchers found that drivers of SUVs, pickups, sedans, and vans tended to slow down at yellows more than drivers of heavy trucks. They speculated that vehicle weight may be the explanation, since heavy trucks have more difficulty decelerating rapidly than other vehicles.
Holy crap – are you saying that momentum is involved in a process of braking or accelerating?

Of all the various factors possible, I certainly wouldn’t have expected … physics !
Apologies for lifting the entire post, but this is too good to pass up.  I like that "They speculated..." formulation there in particular.  That may be the least speculative speculation this side of Newton and F=ma.

Remember, the Ohio Department of Transportation actually paid people to study this.  But I suppose Apostle Krugman and the Church of Keynes would have us believe this wasn't money wasted, it was just stimulative.

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