17 June 2010

Lying cops from my hometown

Photography is Not a Crime | Carlos Miller | Maryland cop caught on surveillance camera lying about DUI case acquitted

Montgomery County Police Officer Dina Hoffman lied through her teeth when she arrested George Zaliev for driving under the influence in Maryland a couple of years ago.

Hoffman claimed Zaliev was passed out in the front seat of a running car in a parking lot when she had to shake him awake.

She wrote that in her report. And she later testified that in court. Eleven times to be exact. Or 12 depending on which news reports you believe.

But that was before she was shown a surveillance video that showed Zaliev was actually passed out in the backseat of the car which was not running.

Hoffman was charged with perjury while the charges against Zaliev were dropped.

Last week, a jury found Hoffman not guilty of perjury, proving once again that cops have a license to lie.
Is it any wonder that I grew up in Montgomery County and don't trust the police or the judicial system?

I don't know who that blueshirt in the Fox video was who claimed the MCPD had an excellent reputation and wants that to continue, but if that's the goal then maybe his department should start by firing police officers who offer false testimony in court. Just a thought.

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