19 June 2010

I've got to give Jon Stewart some credit

I didn't think he would have the backbone to criticize Obama the way he did Bush.  He's certainly been softer on him than Bush, but he's hasn't pulled punches like I thought he would.

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"Your campaign was premised on reigning in presidential power. WHAT HAPPENED??" [cue film of inauguration] "Oh, I see. You used to have a little, now you have a lot."

(Via Matt Welch.)

PS What's with the Palin cheapshot in there at the end?  Is a joke about a failed VP candidate really relevant there?  Like Coyote, I really don't understand the amount of attention her enemies pay to her.


  1. I agree he is harder on Obama than I expected. But... He, and most comedians, mock and berate liberals for failing to live up to their ideals. They mock conservatives and libertarians because of what their ideals are. I find that frustrating.

  2. I agree, and that's a very good way of putting it. Compared to Stewart et al. completely caving in though, I'll take it.