18 June 2010


Woot Blog | Flash in the Brainpan: Entanglement

Warning: the all-too-appropriately named Entanglement will ensnare you in a web of frustration and lost productivity. The idea is to rotate the tiles so that the orange path crosses as many borders as possible without touching the sides or the center hex. Sounds simple... maddeningly simple. Don't be fooled by this high-score screenshot: you'll be lucky to crack 50 on your first few tries. I've played way too much of this game and the best score I can manage is 67.

I've racked up 79 points in the first level and 84 in the second. Great game. It's one of those "okay, just one more round" addictive games. Check it out.

PS I struggled a bit until I realize using the keys is much easier than using the mouse. Left and right to rotate a tile and space to lay it down.

PPS Booyah!  Scratch that 84.  Mark it 99, dude.


  1. 95 on the first level on third try. Got very lucky.

  2. Wow. Well my hat's off to you.

  3. Argh. The problem I have is that after a while, my brain just stops seeing the connections correctly, and I click, and something I wasn't expecting to happen, happens... it's quite annoying. A very addictive game.