07 June 2010

Does this make me a minority?

Or more properly, will it make me a minority in a couple of years (knock on wood)?
Library of Economics and Liberty | Benjamin Powell | An Economic Case for Immigration

Many of the immigrants to the United States are either extremely highly-skilled or very low-skilled. Yet most native-born labor falls somewhere in between. The native-born population makes up around one third of adults in the United States without a high school diploma. On the other end of the skill spectrum, the native-born account for fewer than 30% of the Ph.D.s in the United States. To the extent that immigrants are complementing U.S. labor, they can increase, rather than decrease, the wages of the native-born.
[Emph. mine.] Wow.

I'd love to see a breakdown of that stat by discipline. I bet that figure is even lower in the ... productive ... fields.

(Via David Henderson)

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