22 June 2010

Camera accessories

Amateur Photographer | Chris Cheesman | Photographers' rights campaign spawns lens cloth launch

Rules on photography in public places have been spelled out in black and white on a photographers' lens cloth set to be given away with Amateur Photographer (AP) magazine's 10 July issue.

Made of microfibre material the cloth is designed to be carried by photographers when out and about and can be attached to a keyring, for example.

It will give photographers, amateur and professional, easy access to guidelines issued to Metropolitan Police officers last year to help them deal with photographers.

Amateur Photographer Editor Damien Demolder said: 'Despite government assurances to AP, photographers are needlessly prevented from taking pictures in public everyday. But with our Photographer's Rights lens cloth you'll be able to quickly and politely point out what your rights are. So long as you are on public property this should make your day a whole lot better – and it will keep your lens clean too.'
It would be great to have an American version of one of these, since we have more than our share of over zealous cops inventing laws against photography. (For instance, my new home has tried to ban photography three years ago.)

May I also suggest that the reverse of the cloth has a message to parents explaining that taking pictures where children are present does not make one a pedophile.

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