18 June 2010

Bottom Elephant: All politics is interest group politics.

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WASHINGTON — Congressional Democrats are pushing hard for legislation to rein in the power of special interests by requiring more disclosure of their roles in paying for campaign advertising — but as they struggle to find the votes they need to pass it they are carving out loopholes for, yes, special interests.
(a) color me shocked that Democrats would try to pass a good-for-the-goose-but-let’s-cut-a-special-deal-for-the-gander law.

(b) the phrase “rein in the power of special interests” actually means “limit the ability of Americans in groups to express their opinions”.
All politics is interest group politics.  All of it.

There is no policy which benefits all people equally. There are vanishingly few policies which are Pareto improvements. Advocating anything at all means that you are advancing the cause of a limited group, i.e. a special interest.

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