14 June 2010

Bob Etheridge slaps cameraman

Reposted as a service to voters of North Carolina's 2nd District

For the record, there's only one answer you need when a government bully invents a right to know who you are: "I'm a free citizen of the Republic, just like you."

I shudder at a Congressman doing this not only because it's violent, not only because it's evidence of how entitled he feels, but because it's amateurish. I want political opponents and villains* to be mature, not petulant and puerile.  This is just low rent barbarism.  I thought we had the best Congress money can buy.  If they're going to be thuggish, can't they at least be refined about it?

(* Anyone who behaves this way is my opponent and a villain, regardless of whether they play for  Team Red or Team Blue.)

(Via Michael Moynihan.)


  1. I kept waiting for the kid in the wrist hold to break out of it. I got a litle worked up watching someone else submit to that vile barbarian.

    Rotate forearm, yank through the gap between his thumb and fingers while snarling a profanity. Puts people like that right back on their haunches.

    Or I think i would have done that. Can't know for certain without actually being there.

  2. Good instinct. The thumb's always the weak point, right?

    I think this kid was trying to draw the foul, as it were, rather than putting Etheridge on his ass like he deserved. If so then he has more restraint than I do. (Or he's just less combative. We'll never know.)