07 June 2010


I have no problem with baggage fees charged by airlines.  Putting a bag in the hold of an airplane uses scarce resources; that should have a cost.  Taking me and a large object from here to there is different from taking only me from here to there; there's nothing wrong with those having different prices.

That said, if an airline loses your bag, even temporarily, wouldn't it be appropriate to wave the baggage fee?  As I said, the thing I'm paying for is to bring me and my bag from here to there.  If the bag doesn't make it there, isn't a refund in order?  As a gesture of good faith, at least?

For the contractarians in the audience, I understand this is not the actual contract I agreed to when I paid for a bag to be shipped, so I guess my real question is why is this not in a company's baggage agreement?  Obviously part of it is that airlines face less than perfect competition, but beyond that...?

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BTW I ask because Delta lost one of Mrs SB7's bags last weekend, in addition to various cancelations, prevarications, and assorted other screw-ups.  This was Delta's third strike in my book.  Let this be a public declaration that I am will not be taking any partaking of any further commerce with them.

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