30 June 2010

864 grams of eggs -or- the EU seeks to outlaw discrete measurements

Slashfood | Nichol Nelson | A Scrambled Idea from The European Union

"Pick up a dozen eggs" is familiar supermarket shorthand the world over, but if legislators in the European Union get their way, it might become an outdated expression. In an effort to standardize labeling, the European Parliament wants to stop labeling foods by number. To protect consumers, they say, labels should display weight or volume -- not the number of items in a pack.

Makes sense in theory, but in practice, it goes against years of consumer habits, and English politicians are fighting back. "We know what customers want," UK Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman told the BBC. "They want to buy eggs by the dozen and they should be allowed to -- a point I shall be making clear to our partners in Europe."
Silly Mrs. Spelman. Consumers don't know what they want. We can't possibly let people organize society according to ad hoc voluntary transactions and emergent standards based on citizens' individual and several desires. We need Eurocrats to dictate everything!  EVERYTHING!

(Via Jacob Grier)

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