08 June 2010


Marginal Revolution | Tyler Cowen | Christopher Hitchens markets in everything test

From a recent interview:
I trust you answer the e-mail of your friends at no charge.
I haven’t got to the point yet where phone calls and e-mails are billable, but I am working on it. That would be happiness defined for me. What I’m hoping is to get a 900 number, so I can tell all my friends, “Call me back on my 900 number: 1-900-HITCH22.” I can talk for a long time.

But who would want to listen?
That would be the 900-number test.
For the pointer I thank Hugo. He asks me: whose 1-900 number would you like to ring?
s absurd to ask your friends to pay to call you, but your friends have to pay to send you letters, and holiday cards, and birthday cards, and thank you notes, and...

It doesn't seem terrible to want to recoup at least as much money from incoming phone calls or emails as you need to pay your bills for those services, or to have a 900 number to give out to strangers.

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