27 May 2010

Pro Entrance, Anti Exit

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From the AZ Republic:
Zack de la Rocha has issued a statement on behalf of an organization called the Sound Strike urging music fans and fellow artists to boycott Arizona “to stop SB 1070,” which he labels an “odious” law.

Among those artists joining de la Rocha’s boycott are Conor Oberst, Kanye West, Rage Against the Machine, Rise Against, Cypress Hill, Serj Tankian, Joe Satriani, Sonic Youth, Tenacious D, Street Sweeper Social Club and Michael Moore.
So it turns out that at the local Best Buy here in Phoenix, Arizona, I find many examples of these folks’ work still for sale. Moore’s videos, for example, still seem to be available for purchase. [...]

I think folks know I am a proponent of open immigration, and so, as in the war on drugs, I don’t condone adding more government powers to enforce a pointless prohibition. But there are many folks here who have supported far more authoritarian legislation than the AZ immigration law. For God sakes in Sicko Michael Moore wrote a long love note to Castro’s Cuba.
For double dissonance Moore opposes a regime which keeps people from entering Arizona (as do I) but supports a regime which keeps people from exiting Cuba.  How do you square that circle?  The right to get out has got to be more important that the right to get in, and I happen to think the latter is a pretty big deal.

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