28 May 2010


The Big Questions | Steven Landsburg | Diagnosis

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, widely known as the bible of psychiatric medicine, is under revision and the American Psychiatric Association is accepting public comment at a new website. [...]

By contrast, the American Physical Society is not asking the general public to weigh in on the prospects for supersymmetry, nor is the American Economic Association surveying the general public on the properties of dynamic stochastic general equilibria. So much for any pretense that psychiatry is a science.
Deep burn.

I think psychiatry can be quite useful.  But counseling from a religious leader can be quite valuable as well.  Neither is Science though.

The majority of questions that psychiatry currently concerns itself with are about "normality." I do not think there is a way to avoid this sort of Truth-by-public-opinion balderdash when it comes to these issues.

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