06 May 2010

Challenge! -or- Qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur.

Background: a multitude of cops, firemen, EMTs, teachers, etc. claim stacks of extra pay for overtime they haven't done, pay raises for certificates and degrees they haven't earned, etc.
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Maybe what our police need is a challenge system: any citizen can legally challenge a cop to a 15 minute written test of his “certified” skills. If the cop passes, the citizen pays him $100. If the cop fails, he forfeits all of the pay bump from the certification, going back two years. Half goes to the treasury, half goes to the citizen.

After all, if we (“we”) believe that individuals suing businesses under the ADA for the purpose of changing behavior and winning awards for themselves is a win, then clearly suing corrupt union cops to promote change is a win as well.
Not a bad idea. It's not dissimilar to the theory behind the False Claims Act, which I've always been a little suspicious of because it allows citizens to sue only non-government employees for defrauding taxpayers. (If I recall my professional ethics class correctly.) A law like that would have been really useful across the pond before the expenses scandal of last year, not to mention any of a dozen or so cases of fraud in and around DC, for instance this eight figure scam, to pick one.

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