12 May 2010

Abrogate justice — fer tha childrun!

Popehat | Ken | The Tonya Craft Case: The Mask Slips Off

For the most part, our criminal justice system does an adequate job of creating a minimally credible appearance of due process and the rule of law. Judges grant the occasional defense motion, some stupendously ridiculous prosecutorial demands are rebuffed, and the judiciary even occasionally holds the state accountable for its own misconduct.

When kids are involved, though, all bets are off. The mask slips away, and the system is revealed at its worst: as a mechanism to accept, uncritically, the demands and accusations of the state, and to evade such impediments as the rule of law may pose to putting somebody in jail.

Over the last two years, Tonya Craft learned that the hard way.
Next time you're in a court room and tempted to take the judicial system too seriously remember that the guy behind the big, fancy desk at the front of the room thinks it's a good idea to wear a costume to work every day.

Sure, you might get something approaching justice from him, but then again you might get justice from the schmuck telling bawdy jokes in the ale tent at the Renn Faire. There's no ontological change that happens to people when the get judgeships. They're just as petty and fallible and fearful and foolish as the rest of us.

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