13 April 2010

What would Rick Blaine do?

"On the campus of Outlaw College, professors of essential insanities would characterize the conflicting attitudes of Nina Jablonski and Leigh-Cheri as indicative of a general conflict between social idealism and romanticism. As any of the learned professors would explain, plied with sufficient tequila, no matter how fervently a romantic might support a movement, he or she eventually must withdraw from active participation in that movement because the group ethic - the supremacy of the organization over the individual - is an affront to intimacy. Intimacy is the principal source of the sugars with which this life is sweetened. It is absolutely vital to the essential insanities."

– Tom Robbins, "Still Life with Woodpecker"

That is all.

PS I chafe at typing an interrogative of the "What would ______ do?" form, but I fight through it for film's most memorable metaphysical outlaw.

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