09 April 2010

Steal this pitch: cruise line

Every time I see or hear ads for things like the "Dr. Laura" celebrity cruises I wonder who goes on them.  I'm not a cruise guy to begin with, but I'm especially baffled that people would want to wrap their vacation up with some media personality like that.

And then everything turned around for me when I has a vision of a Mythbusters Cruise Ship.

I would totally rock out on a boat with Adam and Jamie for a week doing wacky science stuff. Sign me up right now.

We could have robotics classes, a catapult building contest, and all kinds of pirate-related activities.  Rockets would have to be involved somehow.  I'd love to try my hand at making a boat out of duct tape like they did.

Sure, things might be a little tight on board, but we could disembark on some isolated beaches or bring a labratory/workshop barge along side once in a while.  Imagine the shenanigans they could get up to in international waters?  That would totally make up for the tight quarters.

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