06 April 2010

RIP Tom Angove, inventor of boxed wine.

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SIPPED: longevity

Tom Angove died at the age of 92 last week. Never heard of him? Well, in the 1960s he had the idea of putting wine in plastic bag, placing that in a cardboard box, and tapping it like a keg. His son, then 15 years old, told him he was nuts. Undeterred, Tom Angove commercialized the bag-in-box and forever changed how wine is consumed in Australia, Sweden and college dorm rooms. More recently box wine has crept upscale. Angove joins Robert Mondavi, Peter Mondavi, and Ernest Gallo as having lived well into his nineties. Maybe there’s something to resveratrol after all?
I salute you, Mr Angove. You were a man of vision.

In other wine-in-a-bladder news, check out Special Lady Friend's new favorite handbag:

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You could probably use this with fancy-pants bottled wine if you also bought a $5 refillable wine bag.

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