19 April 2010

Political Anger

The Thinker | Jeffrey Ellis | Keith Burgess-Jackson absolutely nails it…

… about the Tea Party.
Two comments on the Tea Party movement. First, progressives refer to its members as angry. This is an attempt to replace a cognitive state (belief) with an affective state (anger), and thereby to diminish the movement. The label makes it seem as though Tea Partiers aren’t thinking; they’re merely feeling. Progressives are notorious for being emoters, so this is likely a case of projection. [...]
I'll add that Tea Partiers are not only described as being angry, they're accused of being angry. It is foregone that anger is a very bad thing.  There's an assumption there, shared by school teachers and mothers everywhere, that being angry is never the proper reaction to a situation.  Whatever you're angry about must just be a big misunderstanding.

Being angry isn't a bad thing if there's something to be justifiably angry about.

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