12 April 2010

NY Times: Sloppy as always

Reason: Hit & Run | Matt Welch | Racism Updates

In today's Morning Links, Jesse Walker flagged what he called 'the most pathetic attempt you'll see today to tie the Tea Parties to racism.' While I am largely ignorant in the comparative qualities of public opinion polling, I do read the sports page every day, and I daresay this snippet of a weekend New York Times timeline of quarterback Donovan McNabb's career may give the Multi-State Survey of Race and Politics a run for its money:
April 17, 1999
Eagles Draft McNabb

A horde of Eagles fans known as The Dirty 30 boo and act obnoxiously when the pick is announced. Future historians will confuse this with the start of the Tea Party movement.
Get it? Because Donovan McNabb is black.
The Dirty 30 weren't upset because the Eagles drafted McNabb.  They were upset because the birds didn't draft Ricky Williams.   Yeah, it must be racism to prefer one black dude to some other black dude.

But hey, basic facts or rationality are no reason for the NY Times to refrain from hurling racial cheap shots.

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