04 April 2010

I don't kill puppies, and if elected, I will continue to not kill puppies.

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Prince George's County, Maryland Sheriff Michael Jackson formally announced his candidacy for county executive this week. I wrote about Jackson's political ambitions last October. Jackson is the sheriff who oversaw the violent botched drug raid on Berwyn Heights, Maryland Mayor Cheye Calvo, and while he has apologized to the mayor for wrongly raiding him, Jackson has refused to discipline any of the officers involved (in fact, he has praised them), and said if his department had to do the raid over again, he wouldn't change a thing. Jackson is also trying to delay the release of his department's internal investigation of the raid until after the election.

Jackson's nothing if not consistent. Last September, in a lawsuit stemming from another botched raid, a federal jury found that the protocols governing police raids in Jackson's department are unconstitutional. A year after that raid, Jackson's deputies again raided the wrong home, and this time—as they did with Calvo—they killed the innocent family's pet. Again, no officers were disciplined. And the department didn't change any of its rules or procedures.
I can't possibly respond to that any better than Captain Smartass did in the comments of that post:
Calvo needs to run against him, and as his campaign slogan say "I promise not to kill your dogs. Can my opponent say the same?" Then in every debate just throw it out there that Jackson killed his dogs. Really go overboard with it.

On the question of accountability in the county school system: 
Jackson: I believe that teachers need to be held accountable and that every child deserves a good education. 
Calvo: My dog-killing opponent is corrent. Teachers need to be held accountable; even though he's never held any cops accountable after killing beloved family pets, like my loving dogs he murdered.

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