18 April 2010

The Doctor

That's the Timelords' remix of the Doctor Who theme.

I've recently started watching Doctor Who for the first time (it's three episodes into a new season) and I've got to say it's very fun stuff.  I think I'm going to need to go back to the 2005 relaunch and watch everything from there to here.

Jeff Holland has an excellent run down of how this season, Matt Smith's first as the titular Doctor, is shaping up, and what the themes of Smith's run are likely to be.  Go, read.  I'll just give you the bullet points:

  • This Doctor is a Bit of a Dick.
  • It Embraces Storybook-Horror.
  • Anarchy UK.
  • Uncool is the New Cool.

I like all of those things: the jabs at the folly of humanity and democracy, the things that go bump in the night, and the roguish, "mad professor" vibe Smith has.

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