08 April 2010


You all got the change you wanted, America.  The White House has changed from wiretapping and detaining US citizens without oversight or due process to just having them executed.  I feel so much better now.
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From the Telegraph, via Q&O:
Barack Obama’s administration has authorised the assassination of the radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, a rare move against an American citizen.

But don’t worry, separation of powers has been respected:
The decision to add him to the US hit list required a National Security Council review because of his citizenship.
You see, before Obama can unilaterally order an American citizen killed, he has to review the decision with, uh, a group of people he appointed and that work directly for him.

Al-Awlaki probably deserves a long drop on a short rope. But this is not 'Nam.  THERE ARE RULES.

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