10 March 2010

Tips for recruiters

If you're coming to a college department to do a recruiting presentation, and the whole presentation is aimed at undergrads, do not ask the secretary of the graduate program to forward an announcement to the graduate student email list that says you are looking for grad students.  That does not engender good will.

More importantly, do not have one of your employees tell the students at a state school like UMD, "Oh sure, there are jobs at Google, but no one in this room could ever get hired there.  If you were smart enough to work at Google you wouldn't be here, you'd be somewhere like MIT or Yale."  I wish I was exaggerating or at least paraphrasing that.  I'm not.
  1. That is tremendously insulting.  I won't even discuss that point further.

  2. Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, is a Maryland alum.  I trust the irony of this situation does not need to be elaborated upon either.

  3. I turned down an acceptance to MIT to study at Maryland instead.  As if having some common tact wasn't enough to keep you from saying things like that, you never know when someone like me is in the audience.

  4. The previous guy just made some comments about how important it is for their organization to recruit smart people.  Do they really think you're going to get smart people when they're telling recruits that we are second best?  Are they attracting talent by telling us that if we come to work for them, we would have a bunch of co-workers who they judge to be mediocre?

  5. Finally, get your facts straight.  Here's the first Google result for rankings of CS departments, and here's the first result for graduate departments.  Yeah, MIT is right up in the top two on both.  But Yale?  In the former list Yale is #15 and UMD is #16.  In the latter, UMD is #13, and Yale is unranked.  UMD is also a top ten program for my area, AI.  If you're going to be offensive, don't botch the details.  That's even more insulting.

So you know what, software engineering lead developer whatever-your-title-was from FINRA?  Screw off.  I don't need your shit.

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