03 March 2010

Rian Johnson

Threat Quality Press | Braak | On Rian Johnson

There is a camel drinking whiskey. Rachel Weisz’s character drives her Lamborghini to the docks so she can catch a ride on a steamer ship. The question, “Wait, what year is this supposed to take place?” or “Wait, where is this again?” is completely meaningless. Rian Johnson made a whole movie out of things that he likes, and it works brilliantly.
Amen. Braak is discussing The Brothers Bloom.   I really liked that whimsical, "what world is this in?" thing he mentions.  That's the kind of creativity we don't see much.  (Though Frank Miller's Sin City milieu and most of Quentin Tarantino's work.)

I encourage you to check Brothers Bloom, and Johnson's previous effort, Brick, out.

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