05 March 2010

Put down that High Life* and find a microbrewery near you.

USABeerTrends has compiled a fantastic list of all the craft breweries they could find in America. It's a pretty damn comprehensive list. Impressively comprehensive. Now if I could get them onto a map, or some searchable format, and maybe into an smartphone app so I can know where to go whenever I'm out of town...  in fact, I'm off to get an Android SDK and look at putting something like that together.  Let me know if you get around to it before I do.

(* Not that I have anything against High Life.  It's a critical part of my MLB opening day ritual, and really hits the spot post lawn-mowing and car-washing.)

Update: Commenter pqjulie pointed me towards PubQuest, which has a Google Maps interface for finding breweries.  Just what I wanted.


  1. just go to www.pubquest.com and you will have them on a map - cheers!