22 March 2010


When I found my institute of higher learning our mascot will be Dogface Wellington IV.

I'm going to go put a hat on, just so I can tip it graciously to Raynor for coming up with such awesomeness.

I had imagined I would name my school Hume University (or perhaps Hoffer University -- the jury's still out), and call the athletic teams The Highlanders.  I guess that's not totally inconsistent with having a dapper and rakish dog roaming the sidelines as well.  After all, the USNA teams are typically called "The Midshipman," but they bring Bill the Goat to games, not to mention dressing a golf cart up like a battleship.  Perhaps if we outfitted Wellie in a nice district check rather than the Chesterfield he's rocking above and gave him a cognomen of "The Tweed Terrier" then we could work with the Highlander theme.

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