26 March 2010

Life Amongst America's Only Native Criminal Class

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A few days ago I remarked upon the passage of the Healthcare Reform bill:
It passed the House with 219 for, 212 against. They clearly needed Stupak's vote, and I find myself wondering what they really gave him to get it, since the executive order BS is so weak, and he had so much leverage.
Well, guess what headline I saw this afternoon:
After health care vote, Stupak 11 request billions in earmarks
With Stupak himself requesting over $578 million in earmarks, no less. [cough]vote buying[/cough] Some "most ethical congress in history."

We are recessing back from a constitutional republic to a patron-client society.

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[The politician] is willing to embrace any issue, however idiotic, that will get him votes, and he is willing to sacrifice any principle, however sound, that will lose them for him. I do not describe the democratic politician at his inordinate worst; I describe him as he is encountered in the full sunshine of normalcy.
— H.L. Mencken

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