05 March 2010

Good for him

Boing Boing | David Pescovitz | Obama on lifestyle drug for jetlag?

Does Obama take Provigil off-label to fight jetlag? Or Ambien? According to the Daily Beast, "Obama's newly released medical report reveals he's taking a prescription medication for jet lag."
So I assume Obama will be directing the FDA to relax restrictions on off-label use any minute now, right?

Side note: I hate the term "lifestyle" drug. Hate it. Even if you were to use it, how do psychotropics like Provigil or Ambien qualify? By listing these as "lifestyle" drugs and distinct from "real" drugs you inherently assert that psychological conditions aren't real. Okay, maybe you want to look down your nose at some Rx wrinkle cream or baldness pill and say those aren't real medicine. I can sort of see that. But Zolpidem and Modafinil are the real thing, deployed for real problems.

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