12 March 2010

The Fourth Estate: Defender of Democracy

The Cranky Professor | Not that I watch a lot of Rochester TV news, but I'd love to know who ducked the Massa story
Massa's 2006 campaign alarmed Clarke. "This guy's running for congress and he's molesting people!" He called a TV reporter in Rochester, NY, and told the stories of Massa's gropey tendencies. The reporter got Tom Maxfield to confirm the allegations, but then he told Maxfield he was going to fly him out and get him on camera. That spooked Maxfield, and he backed out. The reporter abandoned the story, despite having confirmation of serious misconduct by a man running for congress. Clarke emailed the reporter this week--"you should stick to weather and traffic," he told him.
I am so glad we have the Old Media around to be a watchdog against the depredations of the powerful. Where would we be without them?

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