17 March 2010

Food Stamp Response

Gerry Mak, one of the subjects of the Salon piece I ranted about earlier today, has written a number of responses to the piece, including a reasonably-voiced comment on my post which I can only assume is part of an effort on his part to track down negative links to the original piece.  (I'm always sort of humbled when people notice my blog at all, even when it's to disagree with me.)

The response posted at Salon I think is drivel (for various reasons I won't waste time with), but these two responses are worth considering:  one and two.  Based on the latter two pieces, I am heartened that Mak has done things like moving to a less expensive city, something I wish more people would be willing to do, and making efforts to stretch the food he purchases.

For these reasons I will give Mr Mak some benefit of doubt I did not previously extend to him: it is entirely possible that the author of the original Salon piece, Jennifer Bleyer, made him out to be a much bigger jerk than he really is, either intentionally or not on her part.

I still maintain, however, that you do not say things like "I need this" when you really mean "I prefer this to the alternative (and I want someone else to pay for it)."

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