16 March 2010

Director-Artist Crossover What Have You

Threat Quality Press | Braak | Chris versus the Movies: Alice in Wonderland

Here we go: in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, every element was there for a very specific reason, to represent an idea, or to illustrate a situation. In Burton’s movie, the specific reason is, “Because you’ll recognize them.” This movie has the laziest story-telling I have ever seen. There is not a minute of film here that is compelling in any way beyond the visuals. It is a junk script, a cliched, hackneyed story knocked together from whatever crap Linda Woolverton found lying around the Disney studios, all written in service to Tim Burton’s self-aggrandizement. “Oh, do you like something that’s neat and weird and strange? Well, you haven’t seen weird and strange until TIM BURTON DOES IT! Here, let me put in a crooked door and some weird trees! Someone get Danny Elfman and his f**king violins! By god, I’ll show you weird!”

I am amused.
I don’t know why they made a movie of this at all, to be honest. They should have just made an art book that was all of Burton’s designs for it; they could have sold it for twenty bucks a piece, people would have bought that. The overhead would have been lower, and I wouldn’t have felt like I was wasting my money.
That's a really good idea actually.  Forget movies.  Somebody get Burton a book deal.  And follow up with all the other directors with more style than narrative sense.  I'll even take one for the team and pre-order a Michael Bay book if it will get him the hell out of the director's chair.

What directors would you like to see doing other visual art?  I'm nominating Guillermo del Toro, Darren Aronofsky and Zhang Yimou.

And since Tom Ford had such success last year with A Single Man, and Julian Schnabel knocked it out with The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, what artists do you want to see doing movies?  I'd say Anish Kapoor directing, Edward Burtynsky as a DP and Glenn Brown as an art director. And maybe Thomas Barbèy for some design.

I'm intentionally leaving comic book writers & artists out of the running because I think that's a whole other kettle of fish.  But I must say I am excited by the news that Grant Morrison is writing a new series (starring Stephen Fry!) for BBC Scotland.  Then there was this chatter this morning about a Sandman TV series, which I have mixed feeling about at best.  On the one hand, it's my pick for Best Comic Book Series ever.  But it's also one of the series most dependent on it's comic-book-ness, so I say leave well enough alone.  I would love to see some more Neil Gaiman movie or TV miniseries scripts though.  I vote for American Gods and Good Omens.

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