26 March 2010


Listen to John Samples "A Plea for Divided Government"

And then consider this extract from Ward & Ward '06:
"In one sense this opposition is a form of conflict, for as we have shown, the different sources had different biases about the best way for [the agent] to act.  However, inherrent in this form of conflict is also the notion of regulation via opponent processes.  In fact, when opposing sources are precisely balanced, the optimization equation is best satisfied.  Thus, disagreement among processing sources within an agent does not necessarily indicate that the agent is in an unstable state of "conflict" that needs resolution of some kind. This disagreement can also reflect the balanced operation of opposing tendencies that leads to an attractor state."
What kind of journal was this in?  Political science?  Public policy?  Political economy?

No, it was in Neural Networks, describing a potential cognitive control mechanism alternative to Botvinick et al's conflict monitoring hypothesis of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex.

So... yes. My science geekery and libertarianism collide once agin.  (Or maybe I'm reading too much into this.  It's been a long week and I want to get out of here.)

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