01 March 2010

Canine moral support at the Olympics

I want to thank NBC for toning down all of the human-interest coverage at the Olympics this time around. I could have done with a couple fewer blurbs about what seemed to be a largely fabricated rivalry between Vonn and Mancuso, but still pretty good.

If there's one type of journalistic fluff I am always in the mood for, however, it's fluff about dogs. At least that's how I'm justifying posting this Time video about US speed skater Jordan Malone and his dog Oly.

Also of some interest, a look at how athletes train for Bobsled, Luge (with Erin Hamlin) and Skeleton (with Noelle Pikus-Pace). It's no surprise to me that the US bobsledders are ex-football players. It's a short step from pushing a blocking sled to pushing a bobsled. And Pikus-Pace was sidelined after breaking her leg when she was hit by a bobsled! How many people out there have been hit by a bobsled?

I also liked this video about training for curling, which is my kind of regimen: stretch out a little, and then spend several hours curling. No fancy machines or drills or weights, just practice your craft until you get good at it. Simplicity.

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