03 March 2010

Award for best self-defining typological album cover

If you couldn't tell from the picture, that's a new album by the Black Keys.  It's called "Brothers."

It's out in May.  Oh, bonus: they trekked down to Alabama to get that Muscle Shoals sound.  How good.

(Via Kempt)

While we're on the subject of contemporary music, there's a relatively new website I've been using called BandsInTown that does the grunt work of keeping track of when you're favorite bands are playing in your area.  You tell them bands and venues you like, and they send you announcement for when they're having shows, as well as other similar bands (I presume using some sort of collaborative filtering algorithm).  It's good for someone like me that doesn't go to nearly enough shows to make it worthwhile keeping on top of

I previously mentioned the Black Keys because the editor or sound designer did something cool with their song "Keep Me" in a couple episodes of Sons of Anarchy.

Just for fun, here's a bit more of their stuff:

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