09 February 2010

Snow and Satellites. And Art, sort of.

A cool image of the Mid-Atlantic this weekend, from a NASA observation satellite.  Via DCist, who also had this similar image from last December's storm.  The Blue Ridge Mountains remind me of one of Lichtenstein's brushstroke pieces.  Maybe it's clearer is this version direct from NASA.  Here's a shot of one of his sculptures I took outside the Hirshhorn.

I'd be remiss to not post this even more dramatic shot from last month showing the entirety of Great Britain covered in snow.

Unfortunately that doesn't remind me of any of my favorite 20th century artists, but I guess there's a superficial resemblance to David Černý's "Entropa," so I guess I'll mention that just to keep up the symmetry.  Plus Černý was on a repeat of No Reservations last night, so he's in my mental cache.  (Even though he wasn't a very impressive guest.)

NASA's Earth Observatory has some other good images in their "Natural Hazards" section.

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