16 February 2010

Senator Cougar

Reason: Hit & Run | Nick Gillespie | There'll be Rain on the Scarecrow, Blood on The Plow, & Even More Farm Subsidies For People Named Mellencamp

Second-generation radical chic-ster Katrina vanden Heuvel has gone to the Twitter to call for Johnny Cougar, nee et apres Mellencamp, to step into Evan Bayh's seat now that the colorless senator from Indiana is stepping down.
Sweet Jesus.  I love his music, but I don't want this guy anywhere near the Capitol.

Gillespie quotes a Matt Welch post from 2005 about the $1.14 million in federal ag subsidies that the Mellencamp family has received.

I have written previously about the incoherence of Mellencamp's thought twice: When the logic comes Crumblin' Down; Attn J. Mellencamp: more singing, less pontificating.

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