18 February 2010

Put your feet up

Proch Dog brings my attention to some Red Team wackjobs who are angry that a Blue Team president proped his feet up on the Resolute Desk.

I know! How totally disrespectful! How dare he!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, what's that? It's no big deal? Oh, that's right. It isn't.

Jeeeeezus. The President is just a another guy. He's not a king, he's not the Pope, he's not the Most Serene and Puissant God-Emperor of a Million Lands. He's a dude.  Dudes pop their feet up on desks. It happens. I bet you he's even picked his nose once or twice in the Oval Office. He's probably squeezed out a fart in the Official Chair of the President of the United States. Get over it.

Oh, and furthermore...

Hit me one more time...

This is the kind of thing that makes me slightly embarrassed to have even considered myself a conservative once upon a time.

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