05 February 2010

Notes from the Home Front

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I live in Montgomery County, which is why I know what a one-party state feels like. It is nominally the Democratic Party that is in charge, but in reality party affiliation does not matter. The teachers' union is in total control here.
I also live in Montgomery County, and have for the vast majority of my life. I'm also a product of the Montgomery County Public School system. I'd like to think I've gotten hit with both barrels of the teachers' union's control. Kling's right. They run the show, and they run it to their own benefit.

Kling was, by the way, writing in response to the lead editorial in today's Washington Post, about how candidates that the teachers' union endorses are expected to make $6,000 "voluntary" contributions to the union. Worth reading.

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The more sinister section of Kling's post is about Obama again proposing to make charitable donations taxable. I like his reply: "To me, this is absolutely the most Obaminable tax proposal. Stealing from charities to give to the government. I favor doing exactly the opposite--making it more attractive for more people to give to charity rather than pay taxes."

Can we make "Obaminable" a word?

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