04 February 2010

Haiku News

NYTimes: Bits Blog | Ashlee Vance | Sun’s Chief Executive Tweets His Resignation
Jonathan Schwartz, the last chief executive of Sun Microsystems, has become the first Fortune 200 boss to tweet his resignation.

Late Wednesday night, Mr. Schwartz used Twitter to publish a haiku about his exit from Oracle, which just completed its purchase of Sun last week.

“Financial crisis/Stalled too many customers/CEO no more,” Mr. Schwartz wrote.
Huzzah for Haiku.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BBC | Woolly writing creates new poetry

"So I decided to explore randomness and some of the principles of quantum mechanics, through poetry, using the medium of sheep."

Mrs Laws created a poem for the project, based on the traditional Japanese haiku form of poetry.

Each sheep had a word from the poem sprayed on their back, and when they came to rest a new text was created.
The quantum mechanics thing is BS on toast, but that's still a cool project.

(I mean, sure, plenty of philosophers and neuroscientists have hypothesized that some from of quantum effect mediates the solution to the mind-body problem, but (a) these sheep don't actually get us any closer to understanding whether or how that happens, so it can not be said to actually be "exploring" that problem, and (b) any project that has conscious creatures in it could equally claim to be exploring quantum mechanics. Laws is writing poetry in a funny new way. Leave it at that. Don't dress it up in scientific clothes to lend extra legitimacy to a lark.)

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