18 January 2010

Stadium Thuggery

Via Radley Balko, some apparent police thuggery at Charger's Stadium:

Like Balko, I only know what's in the video, but judging from my own experiences with stadium security, my default judgement is for the fan. If the other Chargers fans are upset about a boisterous Jets fan being removed, I'd wager he wasn't doing anything wrong.

Does anyone else find it a little Brazil-esque that refusing to walk out under your own power after being handcuffed is itself something that the police will arrest you for? I have no idea what the legal consequences are, but from a moral perspective if I'm being wrongly arrested I want some of those wide-assed cops in that videos to have to bust their butts lifting me up and carrying me. I'm not doing those jerks any favors by walking.

Note at the end how the Chargers fan who is calmly questioning the cops is threatened with ejection, and may be escorted out. (I can't tell why he leaves.)

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