21 January 2010

The Perfect Wife

The Trad posted some scans of a feature from a 1986 issue of M Magzine describing the "Perfect Wife." Some of the bullet points are funny, some are dated, and many are both. (I particularly like the injunction that the perfect wife "discourages her husband from taking up jogging.") Many of them are actually quite good advice, and a great majority of these could equally well describe the Perfect Husband.

I feel sorry for my friends MW and RW. I used to quite like their fiancées, but one is a lawyer and the other is a banker. According to M this nearly dooms them to marital imperfection, these being the second and third worst careers for perfect wives after interior decorator. Sorry, fellas.

Anyway, the best part is The Trad's punchline for this post, in which he describes his perfect wife with this picture and the following epigram:

My Idea of the Perfect Wife - A gal who'll keep the Bullshit to a minimum.

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