21 January 2010

Paper Art

Web Designer Depot has images of 13 artists who work primarily in paper. Not ink or paint on paper, just paper. Here are three of my favorites:

Top to bottom, that's Peter Callesen, Jen Stark and Bovey Lee. There are all kinds of others things shown, including carved books, mathematical abstractions and portrait busts.

I heard a story about how Stark got started with her technique a while ago. If I remember correctly, she was going to study in Paris for a semester and there was no room in her bag for a bunch of art supplies. When she got to France, she couldn't afford to get a lot of supplies there on a limited budget, especially since she wouldn't be able to bring them home. So she grabbed the cheapest thing she could find in the art shop, which was a pad of colored construction paper. That turned into one of the stacked-up cut-out numbers shown.

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