19 January 2010

Good Morning Massachusetts

(Click to enlarge.)

That's the InTrade chart for MA.SPEC.SENATE.DEM, a proposition bet that Coakley will win tomorrow. At the beginning of the year this was trading above 90, indicating the betters thought she had a better than 90% chance of winning. As I'm writing this, the latest trade was 24.0, indicating a 24% chance of her winning. This weekend alone she's crashed from a 2:1 favorite to a 3:1 dog. I don't know the first thing about her opponent, but this is such a glorious train wreck of self-destruction. Yes, I would love to see this health care package derailed, and I'd love to see more gridlock in Washington, but mostly I'm just eager to witness the circus that could result if she loses.

Oh yeah, and she tried her best to let a cop who raped and tortured his two year old niece off the hook. I don't care for that. I'd strongly prefer people like that be as far away from the reins of power — and as far away from me — as possible.

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