19 January 2010

"Cocooned in the opprobrious privacy of smoke"

Great story on Waiter Rant about the unsocial treatment he got while enjoying a cigar -- outside -- in Manhattan. I especially like his updated take on the old "pretend to be crazy so people don't bother you" ploy.
Waiter Rant | The Privacy of Smoke

Another woman walks by and breaks into a paroxysm of exaggerated coughing. I ignore her. She coughs some more. I just look at her and smile.

“Those things will kill you,” she says.

“Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?” I ask.


“Would you like to pray with me?

The woman rushes off in terror.
BTW, the proper response to the passive aggressive wife who hisses "you're a jerk" as she walks away is to tell her "that may be true, but at least I'm enough of a gentleman to keep my low opinion of you to myself."

(Via Jacob Grier)

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