12 January 2010

Call a (Monk's) spade a (Monk's) spade

I can't figure out whether it bothers me more that they're remaking The Karate Kid, or that in this remake they have replaced the karate with kung fu.

I guess it kind of makes sense to shift the focus from Japan to China, seeing as how Japan was the big bad Eastern boogeyman when the original came out, and that role is now being played by China, but is it too much to ask for a little consistency in the title? Would it really be that difficult to just call it The Kung Fu Kid?

You can see the newly released trailer here. It actually looks like a serviceable movie, but I'm still going to grumble because that's what you do when Hollywood remakes one of your childhood favorites.


  1. Looks pretty good, if you ask me. And so totally different from the original Karate Kid that I don't think you could call it a re-imagination, let alone a remake.

  2. Single mom moves far away seeking career advancement. Kid has trouble fitting in to new culture and making friends. Kid meets a friendly and pretty girl, but is intimidated by someone else competing for the girl's attention. Kid has no familiarity with the dominant athletic/martial pursuit of his new peer group, skill at which also determines social status. Kid meets an unassuming looking older man, who defends him from attack, and then tutors him in a stern but fair way in the ways of [whichever martial art]. At some point there is a standoff in the other kid's dojo, and it looks like there's a final showdown in a tournament.

    Looks like they're following the same outline to me.

    I will concede that this movie looks good enough, although I contend it will be better if you have never seen the original. (Read: under ~21 years old.)