28 January 2010

Another disagreement on campaign finance

In all the brouhaha about Citizens United as well as comments like Obama's reference to "lobbying and horse trading" derailing his health care legislation, I get the feeling from a lot of liberals that lobbying is something that is done to congressmen, rather than something they actively participate in. In order for special interests to "buy off" congressmen, congressmen need to be selling.

I think this is just one more point where I depart from the liberals concerned with campaign finance reform. Throw it onto the list of underlying issues that keep me from even having a productive discussion with such reformists.

Liberals tend to hold the bribe-giver as somehow more reprehensible, as in some way 'corrupting' the taker. In that way they deny the free will and the responsibility of each individual for his own actions.

— Murray Rothbard

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